9th May 2023 : 13h-14h CET

Eye for an Eye”`~  The Modern World of Subsisdes, Counter Subsidies and the Reactions to Them All

Join us for a super interesting and timely webinar on the assessments of the current trends involving subsidies and the responses to address them. What impact subsidization will have on the multilateral regime and on talks about its reform? Is it, the best sign of a new era for trade and its regulation, and a new bolstering mode of governance- where cooperation is fast leaving room for unilateralism?

This event is organized under the aegis of SIDI DIEcon and SELA.

Chair:  Prof. Elisa Baroncini, Professor of International Law, University of Bologna, Italy


Prof Luca Rubini (Università di Torino)

Prof. Simon Evenett (University of St. Gallen)

Prof. Ilaria Espa (USI Università della Svizzera italiana)

Prof. Petros C. Mavriodis (Columbia Law School)

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