We would like to extend a warm thank you to all the speakers and members of the committee for their participation and contributions to the first full day event of our young association SELA .

This event was indeed a great success and we learned much about the current challenges and new perspectives on Swiss and European energy law and policy.

We were comprehensively and ably briefed on current challenges and options in the first panel with David Vonplon, NZZ and Patrick Dümmler, Head of Research “Open Switzerland” from Avenir Suisse.

We thoughtfully learned about changing structures of energy companies and the increasing role of federal law in the second panel with Dr. Reto Müller, ZHAW, Dr. Urs Meister, managing director ElComand and Dr. Fabian Feger, Head Corporate Regulatory Management of AXPO.

In the third panel with Dr. Markus Schreiber, University of Lucerne, Dr Stefan Rechsteiner, Vischer , Dr Livia Camenisch, Vischer and Dr Martin Föhse, Kellerhals Carrard we gained insights on the importance of carefully balancing all the elements of sustainability and the impact of biodiversity in particular, based upon past and practical experience.

We discussed ways forward how legal proceedings could be improved with a view to find an appropriate balance in due course. And a masterful key note by Walter Steinmann, based on full experience, recalled and stressed the importance of adopting an overall European perspective in addressing energy policy and law.

Please feel free to check out the presentations by the speakers. Your comments are most welcome!

Thank you all again!


Die Schweiz im EnergieTrilemma-Patrick Dümmler

Changing role of energy companies in Swiss-Reto Müller

Vorrang erneuerbarer Energien in Interessenabwägungen-Stefan Rechsteiner und Livia Camenisch

Beschleunigung Bewilligungsverfahren-Martin Föhse